Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Its been a while!

Following the move and the continued hunt for a job and then 6 months in a role that did not quite fit I've not been in the right place to tangle.  Recently it seems to have been coming back; I start a new job tomorrow one I'm feeling positive about. Generally I've been more relaxed with a mind at peace with itself the pens have been with me all along, they are getting used now!

Then there is a new pattern to play with, this one tickled my fancy right off the bat my first attempts are not quite right but that's the joy of tangling.

First Attempt

No 2 earlier today (in the drs. waiting room)

Of course Laura has the new design as this week's challenge and it's great to join in with you all again at I am the Diva.   Good to catch up on all the family news, hope next week goes well for you all.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Letter A

Read yesterday on Molossus's Blog, that Sue has a little alphabet challenge going on.   Got hold of the wrong end of the stick and had a lovely time working on and around the letter A lol.

This is actually black and white but the camera picked up the colour of the coffee table and reflected it back.  Having checked and now seen what the challenge is all about hope to dip in and out as time permits.

Taking a moment to send positive thoughts to Laura and her family.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Diva's challenge 48 - String theory VII

If you only know me from here than you will not know that 2 days after my last post I decided to move.   Sold my house and brought another 250 miles away with the hope that it will be easier to find work here.   The move happened in October over 3 days move out, move in then go back and get the cats.

We are all pretty settled now, still no job but that will come.   Finally I feel like tangling again, there have been a couple of starts but with so much going on they were abandoned.

Last evening popped over to I am the diva to see what's what.    The challenge is to use just a square, a circle and a triangle for your string.   My square is more rectangle and my  circle more oval but you get the idea.   For extra kudos the suggestion is to use new to us tangles.   Had a great time last evening checking out the official site and blog and Linda's Tangle Patterns.   Discovered Fescu, Fern, Connector, Chainging and fell in love with Dragonair.   There were others but these are the ones used today.

Nice to be tangling again.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Playing with Pendrill

You have probably popped in because like me you follow Laura's I am a Diva challenges.  If so you have seen the fabulous pavement art she did with her older son Chewie.   What a fabulous fun freeing thing to do with your boy.

Laura is back in charge again this week and Maria and Rick have introduced us to a new tangle Pendrill.   It is intended that the stems are straight lines with curvy links as the the design spreads.   Perhaps I didn't do so well on the straight bits.    Will have to practice this one a little no a lot more.

This tangle was drawn in my smaller note book, had to go to an appointment today and while waiting for my turn took the book out of my bag and started doodling.   When my name was called closed the book and looked up, it seemed everyone else waiting was watching me!   What do you do  sit and wait or find something to occupy yourself while waiting?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I am the Diva No. 31

Laura is taking some family time and leaving her 'I am a Diva' challenge in the hands of friends.   Enjoy your quality time Laura.

This week the CZT entrusted to challenge us is Carol Bailey Floyd.   If you visit Carol's if you visit Carol's site you will find her to be multi layered and a interesting caring sharing person.   Carol's choice of tangle this week is a bit different and certainly not a string challenge.

Carol is looking for places where faeries will feel at home.    Right up my street it give me the excuse to go  all curvy wavy lines and use some the prettiest tangles I know, but then I only know a few!   Lots of nooks to tuck into here and shadows to hide behind and then when the coast is clear a fairy can flitter up and slide down this or that for fun!   Yep it's official I'm away with them.

Thank you Carol for a different style of fun challenge. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My initials are GZS

If you are a follower of Laura, I am a Diva, then you will know that amoung other things she is a wonderful Mother to two young lads, one of whom is impaired and has been in hospital again recently.   Positive thoughts and blue healing light to Artoo, Laura and family.

Fortunately Laura has many CZT friends ready and willing to help out with the weekly challenge.   This week Christina is leading the way.   Still exploring different approaches to laying down a string.   Christina has invited us use our first and last initials, as Zoe is my middle name so to rather than explain all three initials have been used.

Thanks Christina this was fun.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tangle challenge 29

Strings are intended to be the foundation of a tangle but they are kinda hard.   Imagining a wiggly line with twists turns and loops without pre-disposition to a shape is hard, well I think it is.   This week Laura has a guest CZT setting on our tangle for this week's challenge.

Sue Jacobs shows us a neat idea for generating the string.   She has instructed us to add something the end of a piece of string and then slowly allow it to fall onto the tile or in my case page.   I had a couple of goes this is the second try much busier than I am inclined to draw but interesting.

 This is my finished tangle.   The washer inspired the organic pokeroot like design.    All the other patterns are established fun ones and I'm still drawing boxes.

Think I'll use the string as my string again the randomness of it is just so much fun.